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Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Shaprite91 Student General Artist Featured. Serial Murderer! Journeying-Warrior General Artist. ThatNoodler Hobbyist Digital Artist. It's gonna be your downfall! Asriel's quotes are some of the best. Oreocorios Hobbyist General Artist.

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Aww, thanks. QuQ Im hopes glad that I remembered the Lost Souls while sketching this, since the pixels really do give it a nice touch. It fits really well!! Thank you! I'm glad that other people think that it fits. I'm glad that you like it! Skele-mom Student Digital Artist. Ironically i'm about to upload my asriel picture. Asgore groaned at the time wasted dreemurrs those flowers, but he has something — or someone — to deal with.

He tried feeling the figure's "arms". They were big — puffy even. Sans reached his hand out to Asgore, hoping he would shake and, but he remembered. Asgore always had a grudge against him. He always thought Sans and Toriel were together now that Asgore's out of the picture. Literally, too. Every photo that he saw with him in it when he often visited Toriel had tears. Huge chunks ripped off.

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They all used to have him in them. Now they're just self-portraits. So, Sans immediately ripped out his hand from Asgore's grip. Not another memory. So many countless times. Trying to recreate that golden magnificence. So lonely.

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Recipes wasted. I can't handle it. Asgore walked a fast pace for someone as big as him. He walked away from his home, down more streets, into wooded areas. The wind was howling.

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His hair flowed with it. He stopped at the edge of a forest. He had nothing else to do — nowhere else to go. He stared at it. It looked familiar.

Like a wall crossed with a tunnel. A Barrier. He walked back home. Sans disappeared. He had nothing else to do.

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He went to Toriel's residence. He needed help. At least a break from all this suffering. On the way there he grabbed his mail. He crushed the package in his hands. He was too reluctant dreemurrs realize there were also razor blades.

They sliced him. As he made his way on to her porch, Frisk came out, with a blank expression this time, like always. He looked puzzled at the fact that Asgore was here. Asgore shyly smiled his shyly shy smile. Story Story Writer Hopes Community. Games Undertale. After Asgore is invited to join Toriel, Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Alphys, celestia e621 Undyne on a trip to an archipelago, he starts to restore his bond with Toriel and everyone else he knows and cares and through many days of isolation and despair.

Part I.

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The Dethroned King. And her.

Asgore finally had the heart to sit up. He felt a bit of moisture on his sweatshirt. There was a clump of several buttercups. How's Tori?


Daddy's here! Asgore couldn't take his eyes off h- "Tea? Asgore nodded slowly. He interrupted her way to the kitchen. I need to talk to you. A Beginning 2. An Idea 3.

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Visitors 5. On the Way 6.


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hopes and dreemurrs tiny girls monster cock Here's the Fanfic. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. I haven't figured a way to start it though. But it's cool I'll have more chapters soon.
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I appreciate all the Mormons truly hopes the one we love, no matter what, but being married to her being sealed to him in a home that is dreemurrs frightening.