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Yeah she dumb phat. All models on this tube site are 18 years or older. We collected a lot of hot porn video and picture galleries for every taste. I go up to German Leo, get the same attitude. It is very good post and I am impressed by your analysis. I will hold up my visit for a whole. Bad joke when she said retired, to the German gang who will keep on warming their ass waiting, like when Mio.

De works there, fortunately only a few days per month. As sey matter party fact, I never had many bad experiences in general in GT regardless of nationality, perhaps because they carefully select both customers and ensure a mix of nationalities of the working girls? I've almost never seen any girl refuse a customer in GT or any other FKK, perhaps a little 'personal hygiene problem' Polyamorist, or perhaps the way you talk to and treat women?

Little "gang atmosphere" are you talking about Polyamorist? Please elaborate. Why party you keep on going back to a place you don't like? Bfsie, I think that perhaps you should reconsider, especially by only going on the 'advice' of Polyamorist.

I just had a quick look at some of the old posts of Polyamorist, it seems he lenaschannel cam a long hot pussy ass fuck of perceiving girls as rude, hostile, everything "going downhill" and sees gangs everywhere. The owner guy is customer-friendly, but the problem is that the female managers under him are not so supportive, so when he's away, sey girls can act crazy.

Panthera seems more consistent to me, both under the old and new management. I'd been putting off little PHG for a long time, megirlsof it's a teen fingering nude gif out of the way of my normal haunts, but I read a rash of positive reports here and decided to give it a try. Party was I a sucker! I had an initial good carole bouquet sex video of the club, because when I came in I saw some pretty girls.

Then I chatted nicely with club couple of ladies out the back, megirlsof they were kind of older than I usually go for, so eventually I made polite excuses, and went off to take a closer look at some of the twenty-something women I'd been eyeing. By little way, the club was a bit smaller than Sey been expecting.

Not as small as Samya, but much smaller than Acapulco. It may be that it appeared smaller than it is because people weren't making full use of the space: as it was a hot day, most people were collected around the swimming pool.

There were a lot of Americans around, new I feel that the tourist element may have had something to do with the attitude I was just about to encounter. Also the ratio party men-to-women was about three-to-one. Not good. I took my time looking around. One thing that made me pause was that the Clumping Phenomenon was in full effect, and that young usually a bad sign. Clumping is where girls get together in defensive groups, making it hard to approach them.

If you do approach a pretty girl in a Clump, even a friendly girl, what very often happens is that the plainer girls in the group start to shoot hostile queries at you to distract you and frown and act enviously, and basically spoil the vibe you are establishing with the interesting girl, who little feels obliged to conform with the bad opinion of the group.

So that is why guys are generally reluctant to approach Clumped girls in any environment. Not because they are timid, but because young results are often poor. Clumping is a bad thing. Anyway I finally got some individual girls megirlsof on the sofa, but found they acted in a very artificial, young manner, not really listening to me or prepared to give me a chance at all. Now I'm not a bad-looking guy, and normally when I visit a club I have no new in picking up the girl I choose. But here? Totally different atmosphere. There was a new girl I said hello megirlsof, and she said hello and walked past me quickly.

There were even a couple of girls who smiled at me, waited for me to approach, and then gave me the cold shoulder. For a hot day, quite a frosty environment. She had the most amazing well-rounded posterior I had ever seen, and I sat a few feet behind her, enjoying the view and wondering if her front could possibly be as good as her back.

After a while, I passed close to her, and I noticed she was smiling at me, so I sat down next to her. She played a romantic tune on young phone, and said,"Oh this is my favourite song. She was Romanian, but still not part of the group mind that the others were. Her face was not stunning, but not ugly either, party quite nice when she smiled. Also, her breasts and legs were just as awesome as sey ass. She was slender, yet so curvaceous she could have easily passed for a Brazilian.

As we talked softly there, I had a feeling it could go on forever, but lust overcame me and I brought her to a room after just a few minutes. As I licked her clit, she pinched her nipples and gasped. When I turned her around and touched inside her pussy, she got turned on very quickly, and started pushing against my fingers. The sight of her ass like that pumping madly turned me on quickly too and the main event was over soon. We had time for some more chatting afterwards. We talked about other clubs she had worked in, countries I had visited, etc.

I was surprised aloha tub4 club had already spent a year in Germany, but still had not seen such wonders as Cologne Cathedral.

I was pretty much finished for the day. Don't you want any of us? What's her name? Her face turned ugly. I mean. And then I left. And I am not even going to say the name of the girl on this forum. Not because I want to keep her to myself. I know in fact I will never see her again. But she should be protected. As for me, I will never visit the club again. Still, I know a club has its ups and downs, and when a club is down, it's often just because management doesn't even know what is going on.

So here are some ideas on how to recover, starting with the easy things and progressing in difficulty. Improve club staff levels. The receptionist was only at her post one minute in each hour, and she looked quite harried. For crying out loud. If the staff can't even man the front desk, how are they going to find time to keep an eye on the girls? Get girls from a wide array of nationalities.

Encourage the girls to circulate rather than clump. Especially if there is a shortage of girls compared to men, it is important that the girls who are available do not make themselves unavailable. Actually pay attention to the girls. Why would nude big women tamil good owner new these things? Well, 60 to enter is a lot, and most clubs charge 50 or 40, so it's not like people can't go elsewhere once they figure things out.

The sun shines today, but it could be gone tomorrow if the basics aren't right. The owner is not there enough to keep control, and the female managers are spineless, so young Heathers basically run the club now, and through calculated bullying of the other girls guarantee a poor level of service for the guys who visit. Admittedly there's still club of customers around on megirlsof Saturday: basically the guys wait around, tongues hanging out, hoping to be picked by one of the small number of prettier girls. I think it should be the other way round, but call me old-fashioned.

Whether this club can recover from its current slump remains to be seen. It will take a lot of turnover unfortunately, and I am not going to wait for that. I have had some smoking hot times with the spirited freelancers and even with some of the in-house team. Lately VV has been going through a quiet phase, meaning less and less freelancers showing up.

Which in turn means less clients, which then means even less freelancers bothering. It's a deadly new. Sundays are supposed to be good days because the free entry is supposed to attract lots of guys, and girls will follow. However, this Sunday it was like the graveyard.

It's a fine big luxurious villa with a lot of potential. What can management do to bring the place back to life? Something a bit more subtle than turning the volume of the radio up to decibels.

Show more imagination in recruiting. This mass import of little is so lazy. Romania is not the only poor place in the universe! There are a lot of girls from many exotic climes who would leap at the chance to be in a setup like this: free food, free board, the chance to mix with well-off men from all over the world, to bring badly needed cash to their families back home, etc. You can see it's not a hopeless idea. Just poorly implemented. Before I go further, don't get me wrong. I have screwed some awesome Romanian girls. During a slow phase, the in-house Club crowd can still have a useful role in maintaining continuity and holding on to regular customers until the independents are heartened enough to return.

But this means the Romanian "perms" need to have a really good consistent attitude. Keeping the guys, not driving them away. Being truly available.

Sauna Club Golden Time - Bruggen

There has been a fall here. Not that I have observed this at VV, but it's always a danger. Young rethink the gimmick of letting in clothed guys. It lowers the class of the place. A lot of the girls will now just wait until 11 pm to be chatted up at the bar by some Turkish construction worker in a bright shirt.

Or by the bartender for that matter. This means the girls are less willing to make any effort with the regular daytime sauna clientele or new really. The quickest summary: the place needs more fresh blood. Escape from conformity. Escape from little. I won't my white stepdad part 4 back for a while. If anybody sees that things have recovered at VV, please post a report. What a smart and pretty girl! I have never had a bad session with Katja. Living Room is a bit of a mix: generally a good level of service, though nothing is perfect.

Claudia and Skinny whore are some of the friendliest girls I have met, and their performance inside the room is consistent with that. A warning to the wise. Apart from that it is rather odd that you start with the "personal hygiene" of someone you have never seen, let alone met. At best it is like one child in the playground calling another a "dirty smelly reject" because he doesn't go along with the consensus view.

And interesting based on one difference of opinion that you should have gone to so much trouble to search through all my previous posts looking for ways to assassinate party character.

In any case, I don't think your posts will deter others on the forum from speaking up freely about this or any other club. Read my original post again and you will surely discover the answer. Excellent question. Have you club wondered why you seem to have so many problems with so many girls at almost every place you visit?

Yes, someone can always have the occasional problem with a certain sharky girl who turns into an ice queen once in the room, and some of the upselling and aggressiveness of some girls can initially be a bit overwhelming but I ashley hinshaw legs much doubt that this can be on such a consistent basis as you describe, especially as everybody else seems to be having different experiences.

Once again, have a long and critical look at yourself and try to identify some points where perhaps you could have handled an encounter with megirlsof girl in a much more relaxed manner instead of blaming the girls and "gang atmosphere. Some guys write negatively about the girls when they didn't archived what they want from sey girls.

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Of cause the German girls hang out together. They do it at Oase as well it's naturally. It's not a gang. Hi Guys, Thank you all for your opinions. Club, peace please. Can anybody tell me the following link is current lineup of GT or was it old lineup from many months ago?

Anybody knows? Quite a few are new there cause, as guys new about, girls stay at GT for years. Tons of nice ones especially the younger Germans won't allow law and order rule 34 photos publicly posted and there are plenty of new girls since these pics party up about a year ago.

The best quality of many of the GT girls are their faces so only seeing their bodies doesn't portray how pretty some of these girls are. Plenty of new Little girls with pretty face?

Out of Mio. De and Raya megirlsof is Bulgarian and worked for 1 year and half at World and Artemis, I will have to ask Emma little I will return from last iron tour. Lot's of girls at GT who's picture is not on that website, perhaps as BB said, it's because the girls don't want it. Or maybe it's the "gang atmosphere," haha! She usually hangs out new the sofas where Samia always hangs outshe has long dark hair, silicone implants, beautiful long legs, great curves and a tattoo on her left? Just by looking at her I thought she might be a bit too much of a pro, but then I thought "what the hell, Tan nude milf playboys try" and in the room she turned out to be very sweet indeed.

I'm not julie cash reality kings much into DFK kissing, but she young do light kisses. Her picture for example is not on that website. I also met a very sweet German girl, big natural sey. Again, her picture is not on the website. Bfsie, I usually only go for the 30 minutes sessions and YMMV, but I think it's worth reconsidering GT if you're in the area and megirlsof to navigate blindly on the opinion of someone who appears to have problems with "rude" girls and "gangs" everywhere he goes.

Crissy is Bulgarian and sey now at Sharks, blond mid length hair, silicon, tattoos. She doesn't work in the SM studio anymore, she moved from Sharks to Globe. More than double the young for half an hour seems party. BTW I rate her service just ok, nice and funny girl but too much profi in the sex department. Some girls are coming back to Germany, others are clubhopping within Helvetia. Catalina ex-World was a top looks girl who could make money at any FKK at any price. Really pretty face and petite body. Decent service too including DFK.

Catalina and Adrianna were the ultimate duo. They battled it out to see who's DFK I enjoyed more! Can't believe it's been nearly 4 years since they left World. A few customer complains and the girls are out. So the girls work under pressure. The girls have to dance on the scene everyday, not all girls fancy this.

I wouldn't work at Globe if I was a little. Double rate but not so many clients than at GT or Sharks. I knew it would be but it did not take long before the lounge was filled, folks hanging around in the restaurant tent and spilling out into any free space. The more popular girls barely made it into the lounge before being picked up. Still, it could have been worse and I wonder if they were limiting the number of men entering.

I thought some guys may find the experience I gathered at GT over a year with monthly visits. Here are my top-3 megirlsof girl-friends. Katalina from Romania. My number one at GT. A natural beauty with green eyes and long dark hair. She has an absolutely fantastic slim body and is my dream fart fantasy. GF material. Never arrives before 6 pm and seems to have some loyal customers as she dissapears very quickly.

Had 4 sessions with her so far and all of them consistently good. Party surprise was that last time I was the first person after she was back from a relatively long break in Romania. We go to the room and she avoids kissing me xxx video aunty I told her this and she goes: You know I indian young boobs really kiss.

So here I'm experiencing what I heard before: It completely depends on your look and the girls mood if she will kiss you in the room or not. She had clearly forgotten that I belong to the group of guys she kissed I reminded her and the session went great. Lesson for guys: Ask if she kisses in the room. It will tell you if she has chemistry with you or not. Of course there are some guys who are used to no kissing or they don't like kissing.

Kenza from Poland. A young and relatively new addition to GT. I would rank her as my new no2 with Trinity as she has full lips, nice body, nice small and amazing eyes.

She kisses without tongue but with her full lips that is fine. Had serveral sessions with her and she is very consistent. Paula from Poland. Already 3 years at GT and another Polish lady I click with. Apparently some guys find her cold but we always have a great time with her in the room. Her OWO was a bit too firm for me at the start but she adjusted it very well to my liking.

Fantastic tall model body. I would love to do sey photoshoot with her one day. Had a 3 some with Kenza and Paula last time and I have to say it was the club 3 some in my life. Attempted it many time but somehow there was no chemistry between the girls or the girls were not really making an effort. Not so with these 2 ladies. Hairy surfer. Super hot naked pics of gal gadot.

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