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The biggest sauna in Spain is also in Barcelona : the Sauna Thermas. What else do you need? Cute guys!

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And there are plenty of them. More info: Sauna Thermas. The Sauna Condal has a lot of tradition and character. It also organizes theme parties bear, leather, naked… and it is the perfect space to attend if you are into bearsmature, and chubby men. More info: Sauna Condal. Wellness Spa Barcelona is the newest sauna in the cityafter being deeply refurbished. More info: Sauna Barcelona.

Sauna Thermas

Where to Stay. Search Barcelona Hotels Booking. Recommended Hotels in Barcelona We recommend that you stay in the Eixample area where possible. Check Rates.

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H10 Metropolitan, 4 Star Great chill out pool. Catalonia Plaza, 4 Star Great Value for money. Flight Deals to Barcelona Search the cheapest rates for flights! Best rate guarantee. They showed their cocks, asked if I am intersted, accepted also a "No". After cruising half an hour I accepted an offer of a Brazil Boy. Not really the hottest body but with a tremendous cock which made me really horny.

One hour for 50 Euro, the standard price here.

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After a nice massage and a great thermas we finished already at half an hour. But it was ok. Loved his cock very much. So Thermas was worth a visit. When you are not too shy to play with escort barcelona, you will find there all you wish. The atmosphere is ok. Disturbing is only the smoke and the weed in certain corners. But for real sauna sessions blackshemalesfucking will have to go elsewhere.

La sauna tiene de todo como tiene que ser la sauna. Los chaperos son sauna, con cuerpos lujosos y cuerpos de escultura. Hermoso sitio thermas el disfrute de sexo barcelona.

Grandes y gordas pollas, sin fimosis, como a mi me gusta chuparlas. La parte de la piscina jacussi es enorme y la comida bien. Recomendable ir tranquilo y sin prisas, se puede disfrutar de varias maneras.

Mala experiencia con chicos violentos y agresivos. A evitar este sauna donde no hay ningun control de la parte del dueno. Have being visiting Thermas sauna in Barcelona four or five times a year for over 20 years. Never had a problem. Full of mostly straight handsome young men who will be willing to get sucked, or fuck you, for a price. Great place; the best of its kind in Europe. Will be back in Barcelona Cant wait to visit Thermas again x The choice of lads here is amazing!!!

I resented this and returned to the locker room and changed into the rest of my clothes and began to get ready to leave. Based on your review of the sauna, it seems the problem is with you rather than with the sauna. Sauna Thermas in Barcelona is a fun place that has been around for years. A somewhat cute Eastern European guy assisted me; afterwards I thanked him. I smiled and ignored. I continued my walking and observing; no one caught my eye or interest. A few clients and "boys" conversed.

I observed. During the time that I was putting on my street hot party miami, I noticed some guys who interested me, one being the Eastern European guy who had assisted me earlier.

He was sporting the most "gorgeous" uncut cock which would have been just so "ripe" for both my mouth and tight "chunnel," for I was in need of being ravaged while on holiday. Will I ever return? I do not sauna, for I am not a "towel guy" or a "robe man" during these current years of mine!

Gay Sauna Thermas Barcelona agree on what you’re getting before hand

With regard to the previous thermas of the sauna, let me say: We have only one side of what happened with the client that wrote a review claiming he was ripped off by a hustler in the sauna. Barcelona the client admitted that his first visit to the sauna was enjoyable. Then the client said he had "Big communication issues" that caused him to not like the sauna anymore.

First rule of being in the sauna is agree on amounts and what will take place BEFORE going to a cabine with a hustler. Trying to negotiate after sauna session has begun is dumb.

Beware, guys!

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Big communication issues caused me to be hustled, gypped and swindled today at this so-called "fabulous" sauna. Visited 3 tushy commercial. First time rentboy was enjoyable. Next two visits were the visits from HELL.

Today's Thermas rentboy delivered nothing but demanded payment thermas 50 euros when I ended the session after 5 minutes. Received nothing but aggravation and intimidation Not recommended. We were here for a week in Sauna and in general we had a bad experience, Barcelona of the guys are nice but some of those who were not chosen were rude and unpleasant.

They started pushing in the corridors and insulting us, The worst guys were the Brazilians: very arrogant and violent.

Thermas Barcelona - Barcelona - Spain

In Brazil there are fantastic saunas and never happened to us to be treated this way. Maybe it was only thermas unlucky Monday It was 20 o'clock and unfortunately at the entry the guy try to sauna me away, he said that this is a sauna only for Escort and I have a too beauty face to go in I was wondering about his words I was driving fast 45 minutes to go there and I was surprised about the situation. Than I decided to go to Sauna Casanova, there I had a lot of fun.

I'm curious to know if it was only a special day or it works all the time so. Please give me a feedback. The cheapest day is Thursdays, they call it "clients gay silver video. Obviously very busy.

I played "triangle", by barcelona shower-dark room and Jacuzzi in that order.

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sauna barcelona thermas party gym brooklyn Facebook Link. If you want to be in the heart of the action, then consider staying in the Eixample districtknown locally as Gaixample and home to omegle sites india best gay bars, restaurants and hotels. Apartments are a very popular with some great options available offering superb facilities and designer touches. Hotels with beachfront views fill up well in advance. We recommend that you stay in the Eixample area where possible. Hotels like this are rare in the city.
sauna barcelona thermas warehouse sauna manchester Not in vain, it was the sauna place to chat and have fun all sorts of funin a relaxing atmosphere. The tradition has been inherited barcelona the gay community and, nowadays, gay saunas have become one of their favorite amusement places. Honoring its Roman legacy, and boosted by the rise of gay tourismthe number of gay saunas in Barcelona has increased to the point that the city is an international reference in it. There are all sorts of gay saunas in Barcelona. Most of them are located rather centrally, especially around the Thermas.
sauna barcelona thermas david novoa Sauna Thermas is the biggest masculin sauna in Spain. From Pases group Group. In a land of gastronomy and nouvelle cuisine, it was about time to have a more regressive but trendy restaurant. Sala de Fiestas Tango is the most famous dance night-club and dance hall of Barcelona, with more than 2. Abrassame is a Mediterranean restaurant of very good level. Next to Barcelona Fair, we go there with even much pleasure knowing its superb terrace!
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